Pastor Wendy Smith-Martin

Pastor Wendy Yvonne Smith-Martin is known as a woman of character, integrity and wisdom. Born in Jackson, Tennessee, Pastor Martin is a learned minister. In 1984 she received her B.S. Degree in Business Administration from Lane College in Jackson, Tennessee. She received an Associate Degree from Beulah Heights Bible College in Biblical Studies, and received a Master’s Degree from Beulah Heights University, in Biblical Studies. Because she is a woman with a God-given mission for ministering to the total man, spirit, mind, and body, Greater Victory Christian Center will set a new standard for ministering to the Christian and to the world.

Pastor Martin’s vision transcends all racial lines, – preaching a fresh and inspiring message of hope, restoration, and healing. Pastor Martin’s style has always been uniquely her own. Her words are dense with poetic commentary, startling insights, and contemporary applications of the Bible’s timeless message. She gives of herself unselfishly to the things of the Lord. In depicting Pastor Martin, one could say that she is God Chosen, Jesus sanctioned, and most of all Holy Ghost empowered, to bring about a transformation in the Body of Christ. Pastor Martin is a respected and dynamic preacher; a visionary, a beloved friend and mentor too many. She is nationally recognized as one “Chosen for Such a Time as This”.